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following is sample code i am trying to make work. i want to apply formatting to datagrid column "price" i want price to be shown in currency format

Dim bColumn As BoundColumn
        bColumn = New BoundColumn
        bColumn.HeaderText = "name"
        bColumn.DataField = "name"

        bColumn = New BoundColumn
        bColumn.HeaderText = "price"
        bColumn.DataField = "price"
        bColumn.DataFormatString = "{0:C}" ' already tried following "{0:#,##0.00}"

        Dim dt As New DataTable

        Dim dr As DataRow
        dr = dt.NewRow
        dr("name") = "ABC"
        dr("price") = 1232100.53

        dr = dt.NewRow
        dr("name") = "ABC"
        dr("price") = 123123.32
        dgBizDocs.DataSource = dt

what am i doing wrong ?

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Did you try setting type of price column to decimal in datatable? –  František Žiačik Jan 17 '11 at 10:45

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Specify the price column as decimal in datatable. You will get your formatting (tested).

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thanks nirmal correct answer –  chintan123 Jan 18 '11 at 9:52

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