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Here is piece of code:

protected function handleTriggers(raw:Object) : void
    var name:String, value:String, map:Object;

    map = {
            'onclick':      MouseEvent.CLICK,
            'ondblclick':   MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK,
            'onmousedown':  MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN,
            'onmouseup':    MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP,
            'onmouseleave': MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT,
            'onrollout':    MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT,
            'onmouseenter': MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, 
            'onrollover':   MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER,
            'onmouseover':  MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER,
            'onmouseout':   MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT,
            'onmousemove':  MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE

    for (name in raw) 
        value = raw[name];
        if (name in map) {
            var cloneValue:String = value;
            object.addEventListener(map[name], function(event:* = null) : void {
                execute(cloneValue, event); 

object is generic DisplayObject and raw object contains series of onclick, onmouseover, etc event triggers. It was meant that I could attach event listeners automatically following the properties of that raw object. And it seems like it works, as I indeed can see some listener Functions in listeners property of the DisplayObject and their number corresponds to the number of triggers. But later when everything is put on stage, only the last event handler gets triggered.

Anyone any idea why that could be happening?

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Your problem is similar to this one. Because you add an inline function as eventlistener the clonevalue has always the value of the last value in raw.

I think this should work (untested):

object.addEventListener(map[name], function(cloneValue : String) : Function {
    return function(event:* = null) : void {
         execute(cloneValue, event);
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It didn't work, but I got the point, so I just moved the addEventListener logic to a separate function and it worked. Thanks. If you edit your response or confirm it, I will accept it as the proper one. –  jayarjo Jan 17 '11 at 15:45
i forgot to invoke the function with cloneValue as param ;) now it should work... –  maxmc Jan 17 '11 at 16:23

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