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I'm making a form to let users edit their photo gallery. So when I show the form I need 2 fields/widget per photo.

For each photo there will be one
CheckBox(label='Delete photo', value=<Id of photo>) and one RadioSelect(label='Set as cover image', value=<Id of photo>)

In the form class I guess I should put something like this in the __init__:

for image in images:
    #make a checkbox widget
    #make a radio select
    #store the url of the image
    self.fields[..] = gallery_field_widget

I would prefer to put as much code in the form class instead of the template. I've played around with MultpleSelect widget but I can't figure out how to iterate through it together with the rest of the widgets.. and help on this?

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This isn't two widgets per field, this is two fields per form and one form per instance. For that we have formsets.

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Okey. Further, how can I attach all these formset to a ModelForm? I have a modelform of a 'project' model. The gallery is a foreign key to that project. – mrmclovin Jan 17 '11 at 12:27
See inline formsets – Daniel Roseman Jan 18 '11 at 10:07

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