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For my app I am adding the feature that the MKMapView rotates with the data delivered from the compass. The map view is over dimensioned (frame is square) so that when it rotates, no white space is showing... all well and good. On top of the map I have two transparent views which draw more information (airspace boundaries and the airspace information [lower/upper bounds]).

To determine what to draw, I (currently) calculated the intersection of the map frame with the proposed location of the airspace information. No problems there when the map frame matches the displayed frame (e.g. not rotated). This allows me to cull the objects which are far enough outside of the frame not to matter, and reposition the ones which may be partially out of view.

Now that the map view needs to be over dimensioned to properly handle the rotation, I need to be able to find the intersection between the map view and the actual displayed frame (this is the bit I am having trouble with). So while I don't necessarily need to clip the map view, I do need the display portion to properly calculate the draw position of the airspace information.

The code:

Map rotation

headingInRadians = (heading * M_PI / 180.0);
headingInRadians *= -1.0; //flip to account for iOS
mapView.transform = CGAffineTransformMakeRotation(headingInRadians);

Airspace info swatch are then then drawn using CGContextTranslateCTM and CGContextRotateCTM so that their placement is correct relative to the user holding the phone (rotation in the opposite direction).

Any hints ? The MKMapView is inside of a UIViewController (as are the two other views).

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