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I have setup DKIM in my google apps for mail signing, when sending mails through GMail interface it signs the mail but when I send a mail through my webserver using SMTP (from CodeIgniter) it doesnt signs the mail.

Can anybody help me what should I do?

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Sorry, off-topic. You should ask this on ServerFault, StackOverflow is for programming-related questions. The guys on ServerFault should be better able to answer your question. –  DarkDust Jan 17 '11 at 11:26
I dont think its offtopic because I believe we can sign through headers of mail, without the need to set anything on server. Still my belief, after reading mail headers I think so. –  Shishant Jan 17 '11 at 11:29

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Yes, it's actually a server configuration thing. But since you posted on SO, there is also a way to sign the mails manually from within PHP. http://php-dkim.sourceforge.net/

Also had been covered before here: Setting up DomainKeys/DKIM in a PHP-based SMTP client

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I create new project in googlecode. the name was phpMailDomainSigner It support DKIM-Signature and DomainKey-Signature in Object Oriented Style.

Here some example:

// Create mailDomainSigner Object
include_once './lib/class.mailDomainSigner.php';

$mds = &new mailDomainSigner($domain_priv,$domain_d,$domain_s);
$new_data = $mds->sign(
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