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I have some HTML content (including formatting tags such as strong, images etc).In my Java code, I want to convert this HTML content into a PDF document without losing the HTML formatting.

Is there anyway to do it in Java (using iText or any other library)?

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I would try DocRaptor.com. It converts html to pdf or html to xls in any language, and since it uses Prince XML (without making you pay the expensive license fee), the quality is a lot better than the other options out there. It's also a web app, so there's nothing to download. Easy way to get around long, frustrating coding.

Here are some examples: https://docraptor.com/documentation#coding_examples

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Converting HTML to PDF isn't exactly straightforward in general, but if you're in control of what goes into the HTML, you can try using an XSL-FO implementation, like Apache FOP.

It's not out-of-the-box as you'll have to write (or find) a stylesheet that defines the conversion rules, but on the upside it gives you much more control over output formatting, which is quite useful as what looks good on screen doesn't necessarily look good on paper.

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I've heard terrible things about FOP ;) But XSL scares people anyway. –  Jules Jan 17 '11 at 11:43
FOP isn't great (understatement of the year:)), but it all depends on what you want to use it for. If it's just some simple one or two page document for your users to download, FOP is okay. If you want to produce print quality, don't even consider it, you're better off buying a XEP license. –  biziclop Jan 17 '11 at 11:47

If you're not limited to free libraries, you could consider this: http://pd4ml.com/

For a free approach, you can have a look into the openoffice API, this could be a good starting point: http://wiki.services.openoffice.org/wiki/API/Tutorials/PDF_export

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I have had good results with PDFReactor (http://www.realobjects.com/index.php?id=808&type=0). It's not freeware, but some places have an aversion to free.

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I found this simple tutorial. Its easy, free and quick.

Although this is not a straight forward process of converting HTML into PDF. My requirement of generating a PDF (along with HTML of same content) using JAVA code is served.



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