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I'm used to programming in C#, and one thing I miss about Java is that it doesn't seem to have C#'s nice built-in event handling capabilities:

// define event signature
public delegate void SomeEventHandler();

class SomeEventGenerator {
    // define subscribable event property
    public event SomeEventHandler SomeEvent;

    protected void OnSomeEvent() {
        if (SomeEvent != null) {

class SomeEventClient {
    public SomeEventClient(SomeEventGenerator eg) {
        // subscribe
        eg.SomeEvent += new SomeEventHandler(eg_SomeEvent);
        // do some stuff
        // unsubscribe
        eg.SomeEvent -= new SomeEventHandler(eg_SomeEvent);

    private void eg_SomeEvent() {
        // handle event

What's the best way to get something similar and lightweight in Java/Android which has the ability to subscribe/unsubscribe multiple event clients and call all subscribed clients at once?

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You would want to look into the concept of listeners in java. I found a very good article called "C# from a Java developers perspective" that you might want to check out.

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So you have to do it yourself. There is a small section about events in that article which I found helpful. I set up some OnSomeEventListener interfaces, and addListener / removeListener / callListeners methods backed by a Vector<OnSomeEventListener>. – jnylen Jan 20 '11 at 22:09
That's a nice writeup. Thanks for the link. – Benny Jobigan Apr 11 '11 at 23:30

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