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I am using a Voice-to-Text application which gives transcription files as output.. The transcribed text contains a few tags like (s) (for sentence beginning)..(/s)( for sentence end ).. (VOCAL_NOISE)(for un-recognized words).. but the text also contains unwanted tags like (VOCAL_N) , (VOCAL_NOISED) , (VOCAL_SOUND), (UNKNOWN).. i am using SED to process the text.. but cannot write an appropriate regex to replace all other tags except (s), (/s) and (VOCAL_NOISE), with the tag ~NS.. would appreciate if someone could help me with it..

Example text:

(s) Hi Stacey , this is Stanley (/s) (s) I would (VOCAL_N) appreciate if you could call (UNKNOWN) and let him know I want an appointment (VOCAL_NOISE) with him (/s)

Output should be:

(s) Hi Stacey , this is Stanley (/s) (s) I would ~NS appreciate if you could call ~NS and let him know I want an appointment (VOCAL_NOISE) with him (/s)
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This should take care of it:

sed 's|([^)]*)|\n&\n|g;s@\n\((/\?s)\|(VOCAL_NOISE)\)\n@\1@g;s|\n\(([^)]*)\)\n|~NS|g' inputfile


  • s|([^)]*)|\n&\n|g - divide the line by putting every parenthesized string between two newlines
  • s@\n\((/\?s)\|(VOCAL_NOISE)\)\n@\1@g - remove the newlines around "(s)", "(/s)" and
    "(VOCAL_NOISE)" (keepers)
  • s|\n\(([^)]*)\)\n|~NS|g - replace anything else between newlines that is within parentheses with "~NS"

This works since newlines are guaranteed not to appear within a newly read line of text.

Edit: Shortened the command by using alternation \(foo\|bar\)

Previous version:

    sed 's|([^)]*)|\n&\n|g;s|\n\((/\?s)\)\n|\1|g; s|\n\((VOCAL_NOISE)\)\n|\1|g;s|\n\(([^)]*)\)\n|~NS|g' inputfile

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This is a dirty trick that is far from being optimal but it should work for you:

sed ' 



The trick is to replace (s), (/s) and (VOCAL_NOISE) with patterns which are not present in the input text (in this case [AAA], [/AAA] and [BBB]); then we replace every instance of (.*) with ~NS; in the end we get back the fake patterns to their original value.

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I could suggest this using vim:


Using a shell (bash) you can do the following:

vim file -c '%s/\((\w\+)\)\&\(\((s)\|(VOCAL_NOISE)\)\@!\)/\~NS/g' -c "wq"

Make a backup first, I am not responsible for any damage if this is wrong.

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Simply this ?

sed -E 's/\((VOCAL_N|UNKNOWN)\)/~NS/'

In this case, you'd have a blacklist (you know what to filter out). Or do you absolutely need a whitelist (you know what to NOT filter out) ?

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@ DarkDust: thing is.. I cannot predict what unwanted Tags will occur.. i am only certain of the wanted Tags viz (s), (/s) and (VOCAL_NOISE).. the so called whitelist.. so, i need to keep the wanted Tags, while replacing the unwanted Tags with ~NS.. – user578550 Jan 17 '11 at 16:02
awk -vRS=")" -vFS="(" '$2!~/s|\\s|VOCAL_NOISE/{$2="~NS"}RT' ORS=")"  file |sed 's/~NS)/~NS/g'
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