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I have a question regarding jQuery. I have a li that slides out, now I want to remember if it has slided out so I want to set a boolean variable slidedOut.

Is it possible to simply add it to the element? Or should I add a hidden div or something to to element?

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You can use .data() for this.

Something like

$("#yourli").data("slidedOut", false);
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you can get the value using var value = $("#yourli").data("slidedOut"); –  shady shrif Aug 29 at 19:29

Using jquery data is considered the standard way to do it - although there are tons of other ways to do it.

An alternative is simply:

 $("#myli")[0].slidedOut = true;
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Your example won't work. You create a new object every time you call $(), so setting a property one one will not affect any others, even when it's the same element selected. Note that $('#myli')[0].slidedOut would work, but it's hardly best practice. –  lonesomeday Jan 17 '11 at 12:41
Thanks. You are alright. I have updated it. –  Aliostad Jan 17 '11 at 12:45

Another option is to use CSS classes. This is particularity useful if you don't really save data (just a flag), or want to change the design for these <li>s or their children.

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