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using html css and javascript is there a way to play a background music for an iphone webapp

for example when a link is clicked in the webapp a sound should play in the background without repeating and while the sound is playing the browser should not open any apps from the iphone instead the html page which has the link should stay the way it is and only the sound should play in the background

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Sure - take a look at the HTML5 tag (http://www.w3schools.com/html5/tag_audio.asp). You can trigger playback using Javascript, and it plays back within the browser (in this case, mobile safari). The link above should be a good starting point.

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Sure You Can Checkout Here Both Have Successful Test With iphone/ipod touch/ipad



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Yes you can play music in the background using the Audio() object.

Live demo: http://we-are-gurus.com/labs/audio/

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I looked quite a while to figure this out, so I might as well leave this here:


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All technical documents I find say that you can play sound in IOS safari, but you must call up a Controller to start playing. There seems to be no way to autoplay a sound when a page opens, or when an event happens, even with javascript.

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