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I hope to learn how to do regular expressions one day but for now I need a little help.

I have this set up in my .htaccess. So that a query to example.doc is internally forwarded to download.php?file=example.doc

RewriteRule ^(download.php.*) - [L]         
RewriteRule ^(.+\.(doc|docx))$ download.php?file=$1

I need it changed slightly so that an extra query sting (always present) on the document is also internally rewritten and passed to the php. For example: a query to example.doc?verify=whatever would be internally rewritten to download.php?file=example.doc&verify=whatever

Thanks! Neddy

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The [QSA] flag should take care of this (Query String Append).

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Ahh. Thanks a lot. =) –  Neddy Jan 17 '11 at 15:20

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