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    $a = array("ABC","DEF");
    foreach($a as &$b){
        echo $b . "<br />";

Can any body explain me why the above code snippet generate the following output?



Thanks in advance

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It is explained in php manual

PHP follows Perl's convention when dealing with arithmetic operations on character variables and not C's. For example, in Perl 'Z'+1 turns into 'AA', while in C 'Z'+1 turns into '[' ( ord('Z') == 90, ord('[') == 91 ). Note that character variables can be incremented but not decremented and even so only plain ASCII characters (a-z and A-Z) are supported.

And if you mean why $b has changed:

You pass reference to $b in foreach loop, so assignments, increases etc. are done on reference to $b not on value that $b represents.

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If you use ++ on a string it is "counted up": the next char in the alphabet is used. Remove the $b++; and your output will be "ABC DEF"

Good explanations here

hint: If you call $a[0][1], it would return "B".

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