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I was using an old version of talend (V4.1.0M4) and I upgraded to the new milestone (4.2)

This destroyed my project. I can't even open it now.

Anyone know of a way to just copy the contexts and the jobs directly to a new workspace so that I don't loose all of my work???


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AntonioCS, can you accept one of these so the community knows which solution worked, Thanks. – holaSenor Dec 15 '11 at 18:02
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This happened to me a while back too, I forget which version though. I just copied the project folders from the workspace folder in the old version to the workspace folder in the new version, i had no problems running my jobs. I believe when talend loads the job it will check for component compatibility and tell you if it finds a problem.

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I tried this and it worked, the project was saved!!! – AntonioCS Dec 16 '11 at 10:44

In TALEND ,Right clik on job option -> import items then import item window open. in select root directory u can give a path of your existing workspace from where you want to copy your whole workspace or also required existing jobs.

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