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I have to parse an xml document and have to get all the elements in the same. I have gone through example, where they are just providing the element name. I do not want to give the element name manually. So how could I get all the elements? I am having only the method name getElementsByTagName(elementName). Is there any other method to get the elements?

    <mainbooktitle>GMAT in a BOX </mainbooktitle>
    <notices href="Topics/ref_GMAT_box_notices.dita"/>
        <topicref href="Topics/con_GMAT_box_instructions.dita"/>
<chapter href="comp_verbal.ditamap" format="ditamap"/>
<chapter href="comp_math.ditamap" format="ditamap"/>
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matches all elements.

See javadocs.

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Thanks alot dogbane. Its working. +1 – i2ijeya Jan 17 '11 at 14:03

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