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For some reason I cannot catch the Ctrl + Z keyDown event in my Flex application when it runs in IE. It works fine in FF/Chrome/Safari.

I have a simple Group control where I listen for keyDown and try implement my own Undo logic. I need to catch Ctrl + Z because any other key combination would feel unnatural to most users.

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I have recently heard of some cases where ctrlKey would not work correctly on keyDown. Try using keyUp instead.

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Right you are. Looks like a bug. – Assaf Lavie Jan 17 '11 at 14:23

The key combination is probably caught by the browser. Unfortunately, when it comes to shortcuts, there are a lot of inconstancies between Flash and the different browsers.

I've already thought about that and one solution I could think of is using this javascript library and communicate key events to your flash app

Please note, most of inconstancies come from browsers themselves and not the Flash VM : link text

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