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I'm creating a custom column in a feature for Sharepoint. It is essentially this:

  ID="<insert guid here>" 
  Group="YYY" />

When the field is deployed and attached to a content type, the content type shows no instance of this field being attached. The documentation about ReadOnly is a bit vague but definitely states that the column will be available for viewing in a View. However, when I create a view it is not available.

The moment I remove ReadOnly from the field, it is available on the content type without any problems. Any ideas?

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I have tried out the same schema in a dev box using SharePoint designer to create it. I have issues seeing the column until I change the type from "Integer" to "Number"

Not sure "Integer" is supported.

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Thanks Nat, will give that a try. – Ray Booysen Jan 26 '09 at 10:46

Have you tried putting ReadOnly on the content type's FieldRef instead of the Field element?

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Hi Dahlbyk. I have and this also does not work. Once I get back into the office, I'll be trying Nat's answer. – Ray Booysen Jan 30 '09 at 12:31

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