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I need to print a large number of graphs using Graphviz DOT. To distinguish which input each graph corresponds to, I want to also have a caption for each graph. Is there anyway to embed this into the DOT representation of the graphs.

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You can use label to add a caption to the graph.


digraph {
    A -> B;

labelloc and labeljust can be used to determine top/bottom and left/right position of the graph label.

All the details and other attributes that can be used to modify the label (font etc) in the graphviz attribute reference.

Tip: Define the graph label end of your dot file, otherwise subgraphs will inherit those properties.

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Special thanks for the tip! – drxzcl May 24 '12 at 7:49

Graph's can have attributes just like nodes and edges do:

digraph {
    graph [label="The Tale of Two Cities", labelloc=t, fontsize=30];
    node [color=blue];
    rankdir = LR;
    London -> Paris;
    Paris -> London;

That dot file produces this graph.

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