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The way my site operates, some records are created by the user but are only partially filled out. An administrator has to complete some of the record fields. I was thinking about putting all the validations related to the administrative fields in a subclass.

For example, in /app/models/document.rb:

class Document < ActiveRecord::Base
  # minimal validations needed, etc

In /app/models/admin/document.rb (I'm not even sure if the syntax below is valid Ruby)

class Admin::Document < Document
  # Extra validations for the fields the admin

Would my approach be a bad idea? I also plan on having role based authentications using something like CanCan.

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Perhaps an alternative route would be to use CanCan to allow admins to complete a users document but instead of subclassing the record or splitting it over two. When the form is submitted add an administrated ( or approved ) field then if its one admin or several you can search by the unadministrated( or unapproved )

Surely at the end of the day the admin does the final submission so they can then set the administrated ( or approved ) to true. Thereby finalizing the document?

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I think it might be better to keep all of the validations in one class, and have a boolean database column that stores if the record has been completed by the administrator.

class Document < ActiveRecord::Base
  attr_protected :completed_by_administrator # do not allow this to be set via mass assignment
  validate ..., :if => :completed_by_administrator # only do these validates if completed_by_administrator is true

When the record is first created, completed_by_administrator is false and the admin-only validations do not run. When the record is completed by an administrator, set completed_by_administrator = true in your controller and the admin-only validations automatically run before the record is saved.

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