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In a Flex object I have this line chart that displays data from a arraycolection of arrays with date(x) price(y). This is the code I'm using to implement this:

<s:DropDownList id="timeScale" change="timeScale_changeHandler(event)">
   <fx:String id="seconds">Segundos</fx:String>
   <fx:String id="minutes">Minutos</fx:String>
   <fx:String id="hours">Horas</fx:String>       
<mx:LineChart id="lineChart" dataProvider="{googleStore}" width="300" height="200" showDataTips="true">
  <mx:DateTimeAxis id="xAxis" parseFunction=""/>      
  <mx:LinearAxis id="rangeDefiner" />
  <mx:AxisRenderer axis="{xAxis}" visible="true" showLabels="true" />   
  <mx:LineSeries displayName="Preço" yField="Price" xField="Date" />   
<mx:Legend dataProvider="{lineChart}"/>

The data set used to fill this chart is refreshed from 5 to 5 seconds. What I want to be able to do is show information from minute to minute or hor t

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You should use the dataUnits="minutes" attribute for the DateTimeAxis incase you want to user to see the data with labels for each minute.

dataUnits="hours" for hourly granularity.

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