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Is there an add-in for Visual Studio that lets you save the list of files/tabs you currently have open in Visual Studio, like the session manager you get built-in to Opera?

I don't mean how can I save all currently open files (Ctrl + Shift + S) or how can I get all the files I have open reopened when I reopen Visual Studio.

I mean how can I have a set of files open for one issue/bug, then save that list when another more important issue/bug comes up then reopen the saved list of files I previously had open. That way I wouldn't have to gp and find all the files I had open originally or have to keep lots of files open at once.



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Document Session Manager appears to provide the functionality you are after.

File > Save All will save all open files.

If you try to close a dirty file it will prompt you to save the file before hand.

If the goal is to save the current state of tabs within Visual Studio this happen be default when closing the solution which occurs most likely when OnBeforeCloseSolution fires.

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No I mean like a session manager like you get in Firefox and Opera that saves the set of open tabs/files so you can reopen the same set later –  Keith K Jan 18 '11 at 9:27
@Keith K Added additional information which should meet your need in answer –  Aaron McIver Jan 18 '11 at 14:38
Thanks, the Document Session Manager you pointed out is what I am looking for. –  Keith K Jan 25 '11 at 8:46
Is their something comparable for VS2010? –  Christophe Lambrechts Nov 23 '12 at 15:41

IIRC, that is taken care of by the solution.

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@Ben hinted at the answer, but that will only work for one set of files (i.e. if you close and re-open a solution you should find the same files open as you had previously).

One mildly hacky work-around would be to manually maintain different versions of the .suo file (insert all appropriate disclaimers here), though that would force you to close and open the solution each time.

PS: 3 minutes on Google, didn't find anything. I expect it shouldn't be too hard to knock up a macro to do this.

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Simple macro template:

Public Module Sessions
    Sub Session1()
    End Sub
End Module
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