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After setting up a Serial Port Profile for a Bluetooth device, should I be able to use the .NET Serial Port class to read from and write to that device, or is it more complex than that? Would someone kindly explain how this works?

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That's correct. Once your device is paired and the profile is working and the drivers are loaded, you can access it just like any other serial port on your computer.

You can't however, get Bluetooth management info that way, such as signal strength and pairing status. For that, you need to use the API for whatever Bluetooth stack is in use.

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Thanks for the comment, Brad. Before purchasing the scanner is there any way to verify its compatibility with my Motorola ES400 phone? The scanner claims to support SPP in its manual, and the phone has Windows Mobile 6.5, I just don't know if they'll work together with the SPP. (Are there any drivers I need?) –  Pytice Jan 17 '11 at 22:03
@Pytice, no idea. When it comes to Bluetooth, even if you have a couple devices that should work together, whether they do or not is another issue. I don't know why, but getting Bluetooth stuff talking is a hassle. It's great when it works though. Your best bet would be to buy from a place that accepts returns. –  Brad Jan 17 '11 at 22:06

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