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Explicit vs Automatic attribute location binding for OpenGL shaders
Why should I use glBindAttribLocation?

I tried to call glGetAttribLocation without binding any attrib locations and it seemed to work. So I can always cache the attrib locations in array if I want to have instant access. What is the purpose of using glBindAttribLocation then ?

[OpenGL 2.0]

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See also Explicit vs Automatic attribute location binding for OpenGL shaders, which has a good discussion of this. –  Brad Larson Jan 17 '11 at 19:04

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glBindAttribLocation allows you to "bind" a specific index to an attribute name. This allows you to can always use the same indices for the same attributes. Eg vertex coordinates = 0, texture coordinates = 1, normals = 2. This simplifies drawing code, by conforming the shader to your code, rather than the other way around.

In my code I create an enum for common vertex attributes:


Then I can use them like this:

    glVertexAttribPointer(GRAPHICS_ATTRIB_VERTEX, ....);

This will work with all my shaders with no calls to glGetAttribLocation.

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