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can anyone help me with techniques on how 2 write Layered Service Provider in vb6. i am developing an application that will restrict site visited buy students in school library. please i need algorithms, maybe code or tutorial. am already well grounded in winsock. am developing on windows os first, maybe later unix or linus etc

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A low-level system component such as an LSP would be quite difficult to write in a legacy langauge like VB6. Maybe you should consider switching to C++ or C#?

However, Komodia seems to have a lot of information and examples about this subject.

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thanks, but the sample i found is c++, an i don't even know how to compile it yet. can you help me 1) either a c++ to c# converter as am more convenient with c# or 2) tell me what i need and how o compile that source code, as there is no project file or 3) help me some more resource on the subject – Smith Jan 20 '11 at 17:35
The transition from C++ to C# should not be hard. If you start a new project in C# you should be able to convert the C++ example code - here's a very detailed article on the Microsoft MSDN on converting between the two languages: – Merijn Jan 21 '11 at 8:16

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