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I am a begginner IntelliJ IDEA user. After updating to ver. 10.x I noticed a strange behaviour while debugging my Java code. When I start debugging this artefact appeares on my screen:

It´s an empty window (always on top), and I can't close it. I searched for some info about it on Google, but failed to find similar problems.

Current IDE version: 102.149

OS version: Ubuntu Linux 10.04

So, what is it and how can I switch this window off? Or this is a bug and I should write a bug report to JetBrains?

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Looks like some detached debugger panel with empty content. Not sure how you've managed to get it. Deleting ~/.IntelliJIdea10/config/runner.layout.xml and /.idea/workspace.xml or .iws file should help. You can also try to move ~/.IntelliJIdea10 directory to start with all the defaults and try it with the new project in case the first suggestion doesn't work. Otherwise file a bug to the issue tracker with the steps to reproduce the problem.

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Yes, deleting ~/.IntelliJIdea10/config/option/runner.layout.xml solves the problem. Thank you! –  Anton Sizikov Jan 17 '11 at 18:39

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