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I'm about to design a webshop, build upon the Big Cartel webshop system. The nearest currency they use is Euro, but I want Danish Kroner (DKK), which is 7.5 of Euro.

How can I multiply the number within a div.price?

I've found "jQuery Calculate"-plugin, but I can't figure out how it works.

Plugin site: http://www.pengoworks.com/workshop/jquery/calculation/calculation.plugin.htm

Thank you in advance...

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(Insert mandatory reference to jQuery basic arithmetic plugin here :) – Pekka 웃 Jan 17 '11 at 17:09
Could you explain why you can't just use a combination of jQuery to get the current value in div.price and then just use good old javascript to multiply it by 7.5, then using jQuery to update the div? – Mark Robinson Jan 17 '11 at 17:09
Do you actually need to convert between currencies? Is it simply a matter of changing the symbol from Euro to DKK? – El Ronnoco Jan 17 '11 at 17:10
Hi guys. I'm new to Javascript and doesn't know very much about it. However I use jQuery alot, and always search for plugins or snippets by searching "jquery ..."... @Mark: How would the script look like then? Or where can I find something like this? @El Ronnoco: The Danish currency is 7,5 times greater than Euro. That mean, that if I just change the symbol, the products would be 7,5 times cheaper than they really are. The customers would love it I bet. But not my client.. ;-) – Kenneth B Jan 17 '11 at 17:16
I presume that what he actually needs is to extract a 1000.5 float from a 1.000,50 string. Whatever, the linked plugin seems to have an excellent documentation so it may help if you told us what you got so far and where you're stuck. – Álvaro González Jan 17 '11 at 17:18
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$('div.price').text(function(i,v) {
    return Math.round(parseInt(v * 100, 10) * 7.5) / 100;

Live demo: http://jsfiddle.net/tbL5r/

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Thank you very much. It works like a charm... :-) – Kenneth B Jan 19 '11 at 10:18
 $(this).text(parseFloat($(this).text()) * 7.5);

But you really shouldn't be doing that with javascript.

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And you shouldn't use floating point either. – Ivo Wetzel Jan 17 '11 at 17:16
This will lead to prices like 20.725 though, won't it? It will need some decimal formatting... – Pekka 웃 Jan 17 '11 at 17:18
Why not? For a simple currency conversion sending a request to the server would be pretty much overkill. However, if it's about changing a shop-wide setting.. then a reload is absolutely fine and appropriate. – ThiefMaster Jan 17 '11 at 17:20
@Pekka, that wasn't part of the question ;) – GoatInTheMachine Jan 17 '11 at 17:21
Agreed about not wanting to do it with JS. But if you must, you probably want to multiply everything by 100 first and then divide by 100 at the end. This will avoid any floating point issues. – hackerhasid Jan 17 '11 at 17:25

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