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Is there any library in C or C++ that helps with managing paths or URLs?

Or maybe functions from standard library from one of these languages


Imagine following API:

class Path {
    Path(std::string &path);

    std::string getPath();

    void cd(std::string &path);

What I need is that this library will handle following cases:

Example 1:

Path *p = new Path("/level_one/level_two/level_three");


and now p->getPath() == "/level_one/level_two";,

Example 2:


and now p->getPath() == "/level_one/level_TWO";,

Example 3:


and now p->getPath() == "/level_one";.

I hope that these examples made my problem more clear. Basically I need library, that will keep track all change directory commands with respect to syntax of cd on POSIX systems.

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The Boost Fileystem library has a path class which supports much of what you're looking for.

Instead of a cd command, it overloads operator=/ for descending directories and has a parent_path() method for ascending.

It's very portable and easy to learn. It is, however, unable to deal (AFAIK) with URL paths.

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Boost isn't an option in my case. But I haven't written this anywhere, so I accept this answer. Also proposed solution has a nice API. :) – smbear Dec 24 '12 at 0:29

Have a look at google-url project, its used inside Chrome and its C++.

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Unfortunately, google-url doesn't compile under Linux. Also its API is to complicated for simple task as managing. – smbear Jan 18 '11 at 18:19

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