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What is most similar PHP framework to Pylons? I mean mostly ideology of programming.

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Pylons is a bit too long ago for me, but I found the Yii framework approachable from a python perspective. You might also check out the limonade php microframework ( – miku Jan 17 '11 at 18:59
I don't recall the Protoss ever being interested in PHP in the first place. – BoltClock Jan 17 '11 at 19:01
If you have a Pythonic ideology (like Pylons have), would you not use Python? :-) – Lennart Regebro Jan 17 '11 at 19:59
Cos' I need to learn some PHP framework. – methyl Jan 17 '11 at 21:08
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Methyl, Great php framework is Codeigniter, fully documented. Also there is Kohana, if you want php5 features.

Regarding your question, Since benchmarking PHP vs Pylons they are comparing smarty with pylons, it might be similar.

I would go for Codeigniter or Kohana. is one of the sites build on Codeigniter.

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Being primarily a Python developer, and having used Pylons, TurboGears, and Django, I would whole heartedly, 100% recommend Kohana 3.x. To be completely honest I am not a huge fan of PHP, even though it is the language of choice at my current employer. Given the choice I would use Python and Pylons. But, using Kohana is just about the best framework I could hope for from PHP. I hope I am not biases, considering I work with two developers on the Kohana development team. ;-)

PHP and Python are very different. As such, there is no real equivalent of Pylons in PHP. But, I would also say there is no real equivalent of Kohana in Python

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I think I agree, but I would say that I found Pylons much easier to pick up than Kohana (and I've got a lot more experience in PHP than Python). It's possible this discrepancy is just because I'm a more experienced coder now learning Pylons than I was when I tried out Kohana. – keithjgrant Jan 25 '11 at 1:15

I used Pylons a few years ago. I don't think that there is any web framework in PHP very similar to it.

However, I find that Symfony encourages several web development patterns used in Pylons. For example, in ORM, templating, testing, configuration files, MVC, etc. Some other MVC frameworks that can be compared to Pylons are CakePHP (which is inspired in Ruby on Rails) and the Zend Framework (one of the largest, with lots of components to be extended).

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