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Is it possible to write some text in a PDF (more specifically a link), that will not be printed when sent to a printer, but only be shown in a screen reader?

If it's possible then any pointers to PDF writing .NET libraries that might have this as a feature is very welcome.

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Our company has a PDF component suite for .NET called PDFOne .NET. It can create PDF annotations that will be visible on the screen but not are rendered when sent to a printer. –  VSU Jan 18 '11 at 3:48

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There are at least two ways to achieve such an effect with PDF:

  1. put the link or any element you do not want to print on a separate layer (in PDF spec lingo: "optional content") and set this layer as non-printable;
  2. put the link into the PDF as an "annotation" and set this annotation as non-printable.
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