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I want to have an array that contains a list of something, then I have another array that contains a list of something. I want to add those arrays up to each other.
For example, I have this

$greetings1 = array (
      'a' => 'hello',
      'b' => 'hi'
$greetings2 = array ('c' => 'hey',
      'd' => 'greetings'
array_push($greetings1, $greetings2);

foreach($greetings1 as $a => $b) {
 echo $a.' and '.$b."<br/>";

I want it so that the output is:

a and hello
b and hi
c and hey
d and greetings

the real output of the php code above is:

a and hello
b and hi
0 and Array

So how do I properly add the two arrays up?

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You can array_merge

$greetings1 = array(
    'a' => 'hello',
    'b' => 'hi',
$greetings2 = array(
    'c' => 'hey',
    'd' => 'greetings',

$greetings = array_merge($greetings1, $greetings2);

Which will output:

    [a] => hello
    [b] => hi
    [c] => hey
    [d] => greetings
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array_merge($greetings1, $greetings2);

array_push just adds an element at the end of the array (in that case another array).

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You're looking for array_merge

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