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I am making a simple JavaScript enhanced list. I want it to be a list of inputs, each with an 'Add' and 'Remove' button. If the user clicks 'Add', a new li will be added. If the user clicks 'Remove', that li will be removed.

It works fine, except for hitting "enter" in an <input>. Currently, it always causes the event handler to fire, unless there's only one item in the list. I'm not sure why. How can I suppress this?

Here is the complete jQuery. My attempt to fix the "enter" issue is commented out, and it doesn't work. I suspect that I could be designing this code better; if you see an improvement I'd love to hear it.

function make_smart_list(list)
    var ADD_CLASS = 'foo-widget-Add';
    var REMOVE_CLASS = 'foo-widget-Remove';

    var jq_list = $(list);
    jq_list.parents('form').submit(function() {
        return false;    

    function refresh_handlers() {
        jq_list.find(sprintf('.%s, .%s', REMOVE_CLASS, ADD_CLASS)).unbind('click');
        // jq_list.find('input').unbind('submit');
        // jq_list.find('input').submit(function() {
        //     var jq_this = $(this);
        //     var next_button = jq_this.nextAll('button');
        //     if (next_button.hasClass(ADD_CLASS)) {
        //         next_button.nextAll('button').click();
        //         return;
        //     }
        //     if (next_button.hasClass(REMOVE_CLASS)) {
        //         return false;
        //     }
        // });

        jq_list.find("." + REMOVE_CLASS).click(function() {
            var jq_this = $(this);
            return false;

        jq_list.find("." + ADD_CLASS).click(function() {
            var jq_this = $(this);
            if (jq_this.prevAll('input').val() == '') {

            return false;


(sprintf is another script I have.)

Update: The markup looks like:

<ul id="id_bar" class="foo-widget-list">
    <li><input value=""><button class="foo-widget-Remove">Remove</button></li>
    <li><input value=""><button class="foo-widget-Add">Add</button></li>

This is part of a form that contains other components, but all I'm concerned about is this part.

Script to actually activate the list:

$(function() {
    $.each($('.foo-widget-list'), function(index, item) {

Update 2: Setting the keydown as follows works to prevent problems with inputs by "Remove" buttons:

    jq_list.find('input').keydown(function(e) {
        var next_button = $(this).nextAll('button');
        if (e.keyCode == ENTER_KEYCODE && next_button.hasClass(REMOVE_CLASS)) {
            return false;

But pressing enter while focused on an input by an "Add" button still results in the handler being fired. });

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I think I can provide a solution if you provide the related markup. – mVChr Jan 17 '11 at 19:54
@Rosarch It might be useful if you posted the HTML code. – Šime Vidas Jan 17 '11 at 19:55
@Rosarch I cannot optimize your jQuery code if I don't know the HTML structure. – Šime Vidas Jan 17 '11 at 20:12
@Sime Vidas and @mVChr the html is posted. Sorry for omitting that initially. – Nick Heiner Jan 17 '11 at 20:12
@Rosarch Shouldn't both list items have a Remove button? – Šime Vidas Jan 17 '11 at 20:18

In the keup docs, it actually has a specific example for detecting the hitting of the 'enter' key. Here's an excerpt, slightly modified to (hopefully) make it easier to put into your code:

$([element_selector]).keyup(function(event) {
  if (event.keyCode == '13') {
  // other keyup code here

You'll want to put this in a handler that you put on an element when you create it, but this basic idea should work okay.

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This should work:

$('input').keydown(function(e) {    
    if (e.keyCode == 13) { return false; }

You just track the ENTER key and kill the event if it is pressed.

Note that the submit() method is used only on <form> elements, not its fields.

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No jQuery needed. Just overwrite the onsubmit event of all the forms in the page.

var inputs=document.all.tags('form')||document.getElementsByTagName('form');
        return false;
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(deleted off-topic comment chain) – Marc Gravell Jan 22 '11 at 21:35

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