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First I apologise for the copy-paste of my post from other part of the forum, but I had no luck until now.

Due to the large space already wasted in stackoverflow, for my question I give you the link of my already given question there.

ServerSocket accept behavior problem

A brief descriptioin: I have made a "simple" program, that runs in a PC. Starts a Thread, in a "distant pc" (remoting), and in this thread opens a ServerSocket. after the "t.start()", the code goes on, back to the caller, and there asks to connect to the socket of the remote PC. Reason: Transfer a file. Bizzare: Works in windows-windows communication! Odd: Doesn't work when windows is client(just Socket) and linux the server(ServerSocket).

I have tried to debug, and test parts of the code, lost two days from the day-1 which I created. So I appreciate any help could be given.

I figured out after 16 hours of plying with this code, what happened. Two things, that really never crossed my mind.

a) The usage of 'localhost' instead of an IP is a !"win-win" factor. It destroys the connections. b) Most important, when Windows serversocket is initiated (that is the thread), Linux client ( just the socket ) does not really connect to the serversocket. Why? Because it needs at least 10000 milliseconds delay!!!!!! I really don't know why. The Thread starts, the serversocket waits that is "ServerSocket.accept()" but the immediate return to the main core of the code, running on Linux, must be paused for milliseconds.

Can anyone explain that?

The OSes running Java, are Linux 64-bit ( OpenSuSE ) and Windows XP.

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Could you describe better the problems you are experiencing? Are there error messages? – BlackBear Jan 17 '11 at 20:24
The only message I get is a ConnectionRefused exception up to now. This comes right after the exit of the thread. And at the moment the code as client connects to the serversocket. One odd behavior I met was also this: After I put a Thread.yield() right after the SocketServer.accept(), the code gets out. Does the transfer, but it loops again *back to the thread before the serversocket.accept(). Until now without the yield I had the description as I stated! – hephestos Jan 17 '11 at 20:32

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