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I have a JSP page with the following javascript code:

var refreshAjax = {};
function refreshDataOnClickHandler()
        Event.stopObserving($("refreshdata"), "click", refreshDataOnClickHandler);
        refreshAjax = new Ajax.Request("/Locator",
                            {method: "get",
                            onSuccess: onRefreshDataSuccessHandler,
                            onFailure: onRefreshDataFailureHandler,
                            parameters: {
                                            serviceCenter: $("servicecenterselect").getValue(),
                                            action: "RefreshData"

function onRefreshDataSuccessHandler(response)
        $("dashboardmessage").update("Data Refreshed.");
        $("mapRefresh").src = "Images/RefreshData.png";
        Event.observe($("refreshdata"), "click", refreshDataOnClickHandler);

Event.observe($("refreshdata"), "click", refreshDataOnClickHandler);

The $("refreshdata") resolves to an anchor tag. "/Locator" resolves to a Java Servlet. I'm using IE 8. I'm using Prototype 1.6.1.

The first time I load the page and click "refreshdata" the Servlet is called correctly and I get the expected response. Every other time I click the "refreshdata" anchor the Javascript seems to go through the steps of making the call and even indicates that it gets a response. However, the servlet is never actually called. No response is actually sent.

The only way to get it to work correctly again is to shut down IE 8 and restart it.

This works correctly on Chrome and Firefox. Does anyone know what strangeness of the IE browser is keeping this from working in IE?

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Why do you remove and then re-add the event handler, rather than just leaving the handler there? –  Pointy Jan 17 '11 at 20:46
Because if it takes a couple of seconds to get a response my users like to have a clickfest on the link. I've even changed the link to indicate that it is waiting for a request and they still click-click-click... –  Andrew Cooper Jan 17 '11 at 22:57

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IE is probably caching the result of the Ajax GET request.

If you want to always get the latest data from the server, you should either

  • Use a POST
  • Add some random value as a request parameter

Some relevant links:

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Thanks, Jim. This was what I was looking for. –  Andrew Cooper Jan 17 '11 at 23:00

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