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I've had an issue with using Facebook's Share feature.

The user experience on the shared content below is just completely unclear (even when I tested some clarified language: e.g. "click here"). Users simply don't know what to do: they often either click "Like," or they comment with something along the lines of "I support you."

alt text

According to the documentation, it is possible to share Flash content in these posts. I'm hoping I can create a "Support" button as an SWF button.

Is it possible to dynamically create such an SWF with a custom *href? Will my use case work on Facebook? If you have an example, I'd love to see it.

*I'm not sure href is even the proper term, as I don't use Flash.

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No. Facebook prevent SWFs to be used as buttons.

FB adds a "safe" image with a blue play button on top of your thumbnail image. When this thumbnail is clicked, the FB page loads your SWF content.

alt text

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