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Using ASP.NET MVC3 I created a new Razor view and gave it the same name as the existing .aspx view that I had been using. I noticed that controller continued to pick up the .aspx view (which has the same name as the action) which is pretty much what I expected. I then renamed the .aspx view and action picked up the razor .cshtml view.

So if I have two views called myview.aspx and myview.cshtml and an Action called MyView() that does a return View(), it will pick up the myview.aspx view and return that.

How does MVC3 decided which view-type to default to? Is there a way to change this default behavior to prefer a razor view over an .aspx view?

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Everything stems down to the order of view engines in the ViewEngines.Engines collection. Here's how the ViewEngines static constructor looks like (as seen with Reflector in ASP.NET MVC 3 RTM):

static ViewEngines()
    ViewEngineCollection engines = new ViewEngineCollection();
    engines.Add(new WebFormViewEngine());
    engines.Add(new RazorViewEngine());
    _engines = engines;

which explains why WebForms is the preferred view engine.

So you could perform the following grotesque hack in Application_Start to inverse the preference towards Razor :-)

var aspxVe = ViewEngines.Engines[0];
var razorVe = ViewEngines.Engines[1];
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I would imagine its down to the order in which view engines are registered. Earlier registered view engines will be queried first. If you want to change the order:

ViewEngines.Engines.Insert(0, ...);
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