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I am using Flash builder 4 to both build and manage (via cvs) projects. In recent days my designer has been having trouble committing to CVS, leaving a project blocked. I have troubleshooted troubleshot tested CVS and it is working fine (others can commit and retrieve without a hitch).

in an effort to start from scratch - I have removed the flash builder application (dragging it to the trash, its a Mac) as well as using the uninstaller (which does not work as well as I would have thought), but on reinstall - all preferences are still there - CVS connection and all.

is there a file or set of files I can delete to reset all of the prefs for Flash Builder (built on eclipse if that helps)?

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Go to your workspace directory and remove the .metadata directory. This is where Eclipse stores all preferences and project-settings.

You can find the workspace directory by navigating through the preferences: Preferences->General->Startup and Shutdown->Workspaces

Note: this will remove all configuraton for FB, not just those settings pertaining to a specific project.

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like a charm - thank you so much. –  nathan Jan 18 '11 at 0:15
Glad to help :) –  bedwyr Jan 18 '11 at 2:05

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