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How can I change this :project_pages_id => 1 value to auto increment?

  user.projects.create!(:title => Faker::Lorem.sentence(1), :project_pages_id => 1)
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10.times do |n|
  user.projects.create!(:title => Faker::Lorem.sentence(1), :project_pages_id => n
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good call. I always forget to use .times – pjammer Jan 18 '11 at 14:47

You'd need to iterate over an array like:

a = (1..10).to_a #or however many ID's you want.
a.each do {|d|   user.projects.create!(:title => Faker::Lorem.sentence(1), :project_pages_id => d)}

I'm sure there is other ways, but this is quick and dirty, and it's only a test.

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Is that project_pages_id intended to be a foreign key? If so, why would you auto-increment it such that it will have a nil association?

It looks like you're trying to create seed data. A good way to do that is to use Factory Girl:


Among other things, it has the concept of "sequences", which solves your original question:

# Defines a new sequence
Factory.sequence :email do |n|

Factory.next :email
# => "person1@example.com"

Factory.next :email
# => "person2@example.com"
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