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Many people ask how to break RSA cipher if we catch public exponent and modulus (i.e. using man-in-the-middle attack). Bellow I present my brute-force solution for non compressed cipher. May some one share other solution?

import javax.swing.*;
import javax.swing.text.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.math.BigInteger;

 * Applet break simple RSA cipher using public exponent and modulus.
 * Remember that it is brute-force attack, so breaking time depend on your machine.
 * @author Tomasz Kanik [yetiicom(at)wp(dot)eu]
 * @see {@link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RSA} for details about RSA algorithm
public class RSACracker extends JApplet implements ActionListener {
 private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
 String[] fieldNames = { "Modulus(n):", "Public exponent(e):", "Cipher(c):", "Message(m):" };
 JComponent[] jca = new JComponent[fieldNames.length];
 int[][] fs = { { 16, 1 }, { 16, 1 }, { 16, 1 }, { 16, 10 } };
 Container cp;

 public void init() {
  cp = getContentPane();
  cp.setLayout(new GridBagLayout());
  GridBagConstraints gbc = new GridBagConstraints();
  gbc.anchor = GridBagConstraints.WEST;
  gbc.insets = new Insets(5, 10, 5, 5);
  for (int i = 0; i < fieldNames.length; ++i) {
   gbc.gridwidth = GridBagConstraints.RELATIVE;
   cp.add(new JLabel(fieldNames[i]), gbc);
   gbc.gridwidth = GridBagConstraints.REMAINDER;
   if (fs[i][1] == 1) {
    JTextField tf = new JTextField(fs[i][0]);
    jca[i] = tf;
    cp.add(tf, gbc);
   } else {
    JTextArea ta = new JTextArea(fs[i][1], fs[i][0]);
    JScrollPane jsp = new JScrollPane(ta,
    jca[i] = ta;
    cp.add(jsp, gbc);
  JButton b = new JButton("Calculate");
  gbc.anchor = GridBagConstraints.EAST;
  cp.add(b, gbc);
  cp.setSize(400, 400);

  //My Test: p=51407, q=63667, message=123456
  ((JTextComponent) jca[0]).setText("1760806643"); //n - modulus
  ((JTextComponent) jca[1]).setText("65537"); //e - public exponent
  ((JTextComponent) jca[2]).setText("818474911"); //c - cipher

  //Wiki Test: p = 61 and q = 53, message = 65
//  ((JTextComponent) jca[0]).setText("3233"); //n - modulus
//  ((JTextComponent) jca[1]).setText("17"); //e - public exponent
//  ((JTextComponent) jca[2]).setText("2790"); //c - cipher

 public void start() {
  setSize(450, 450);

 public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {
  BigInteger n = new BigInteger(((JTextComponent) jca[0]).getText());
  BigInteger e = new BigInteger(((JTextComponent) jca[1]).getText());
  BigInteger c = new BigInteger(((JTextComponent) jca[2]).getText());

  BigInteger p = BigInteger.ONE;
  BigInteger q = BigInteger.ZERO;

   p = p.add(BigInteger.ONE);
            if (n.mod(p).compareTo(BigInteger.ZERO) == 0)
             q = n.divide(p);
                if (p.multiply(q).compareTo(n) == 0)
  BigInteger totient=p.subtract(BigInteger.ONE).multiply(q.subtract(BigInteger.ONE));
//  System.out.println("p="+p+"\n"+"q="+q+"\n"+"totient="+totient);

  BigInteger d = e.modInverse(totient);
  BigInteger m = c.modPow(d, n);

  ((JTextComponent) jca[fieldNames.length-1]).setText(m.toString());
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Please take the time to format your code: stackoverflow.com/editing-help – Jason Terk Jan 18 '11 at 0:02
Breaking RSA first requires properly formatted code. – Dave DeLong Jan 18 '11 at 0:02
To the right when you were asking your question there was this handy How to Format box. Worth a read, as is the page linked from the [?] just above the question area. – T.J. Crowder Jan 18 '11 at 0:03
My bad, I have script-blocking add-ons in my browser so edit window show without tools panel and it was impossible to format text in right way. – Yetii Jan 18 '11 at 0:06
To answer your question as per the title, massive improvements in our ability to factor integers into their prime factorisations. Just trying every number between 1 and... whatever works is definitely not how you break RSA. Knowing these parts of the key is not connected to the use of compression in the cipher and intercepting a public key is not a man-in-the-middle attack. Public keys are exactly that - public. – user257111 Jan 18 '11 at 0:17