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I know there are currently two methods that can be used to do this, documented (poorly) on Facebook's Developer site:

  1. The old (depreciated) JavaScript SDK FB.Connect.createApplication
  2. A new FBJS method Facebook.createApplication (only for use on Canvas pages)

The problem is that I not using a Canvas app that runs FBJS, and I am not using the OLD JS SKD. I am trying to do this on a regular old PHP website that uses the current JavaScript SDK and the PHP SDK.

I am doing the usual Open Graph API calls and such with the current SDK, so I understand the basics, I'm just not sure how to proceed to use the OLD SDK, or if (fingers crossed) I even really have to?

So, is there a way to make new Facebook Apps with the current JS SDK? Or with a server side PHP SDK call to the Graph?

And if not, how do I call the old SDK to do this?


UPDATE: You still can't do this, but there is an official bug in the Facebook tracker about it:

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There isn't outside of the OLD SDK as you indicated. It's been removed (what Facebook calls "deprecated"). I put in a feature request recently for them to add it back into the API:


The Facebook Developer tool is considerably lacking in features. We'd like to be able to create a third party application that adds layers of functionality to the developer application, but we'd need to be able to create and administer applications via the Graph API.

The Graph API supports querying for information on existing applications. To create, administer or delete applications developers must go to the Developer Application.


------- Comment #1 From Jeff Bowen 2010-12-07 16:59:12 (-) [reply]

------- Thanks for the request. We’ll track this on our wishlist

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Thanks for your answer, you have confirmed my suspicions. But I am also looking for guidance on HOW to create apps using the Old API. – thaddeusmt Jan 24 '11 at 20:13
Sorry for leaving this hanging so long - I have given up on figuring out how to do this with the old API obviously - so here is the answer flag! Also, check out the official bug about this here: – thaddeusmt Nov 3 '11 at 16:15

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