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I have the following:

$('.comment_content').live('focus click', function() {

I need it live on click because the comment_content boxes appear dynamically sometimes after page load. I just noticed that this is continuing to reapply the bTextAreaResizer() to the textarea each time which brings the browser to a stopping halt. In the plugin I have:

    $.fn.bTextAreaResizer = function(options) {

    return this.each(function() {

        //bind events
        $(this).bind('scroll keyup', function() {

How can I say, only bind to this element if we haven't already? Is that possible?


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I guess there is a better way, but to avoid duplicate event binding, you could unbind the events before. You can use event namespaces for that. And btw, you don't need to loop over all the elements in this case:

return this.unbind('.btar')
           .bind('scroll.btar keyup.btar', function() {
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Thanks but that binds,unbinds, over and over. given that my live is on focus on click... how in the plugin can I check to see if it is already binded and if not Then bind? – TheExit Jan 18 '11 at 2:19
@TheExit: True. As I said, I guess there is a better way for your particular situation... And I think you cannot test it. The undbind, bind example is given at the event namespace page as an example for handling adding event handlers after an Ajax call. If there was another way, they would use it. – Felix Kling Jan 18 '11 at 2:21

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