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$("#tags").autocomplete(["c++", "java", "php", "coldfusion", "javascript", "asp"], {
width: 320,
max: 4,
highlight: false,
multiple: true,
multipleSeparator: " ",
scroll: true,
scrollHeight: 300

I am trying to use Jquery UI autocomplete with multipleSeparator. Which means that I can pass a string array as { " AND ", " OR " } and when someone will type like:

C++ and Java and p

the php will come.

So basically I am trying to make a logical operator based expression.

Looking for Candidate: C# or C++ and ASP

I need intelli sense in C# as well as in C++ but not in or , and.

Please help how can I amend?

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I managed to get that through:

     url: sourceUrl,
     dataType: "json",
     type: "POST",
     cache: true,
     data: {
          text: fnGetTerm(request, autoCompleteSeparator) 

where fnGetTerm is written as:

function fnGetTerm(request, autoCompleteSeparator) {
    var startsWith = null;
    if (autoCompleteSeparator == undefined || autoCompleteSeparator == null || autoCompleteSeparator.length == 0) {
        startsWith = request.term
    else {
        startsWith = fnAutoCompleteExtractLast(request.term, autoCompleteSeparator);

    return $.trim(startsWith);
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