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I wanna close the pop up window (known window name), and back to the original window. What shall I do? If I can't get a constant of the close button in window. so is there any general behavior to reach the goal?

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Have you tried:

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Using WebDriver (shown with Java) you could do something like this:

// instantiate your driver

// get window handle
String baseWindowHdl = driver.getWindowHandle();

// navigate to pop-up

// close pop-up

// switch back to base window
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//navigate to pop-up Here, isn't necessary to switch to defaultContent as follow?: driver.switchTo().defaultContent(); –  Ripon Al Wasim Sep 20 '12 at 10:07

I dont know if you are still looking for an answer, but i had some troubles with this. After spending more than one hour on searching for a way to do it, dont want to use webdriver. I tried using the garbage collector:

Selenium selenium = new DefaultSelenium(......);


selenium.close(); //to terminate testing window
selenium = null;  //make sure there are no references to the file
System.gc();      //now the garbage collector can kick in

This worked for me.

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