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is there any resource for creating Web API like Twitter API or Facebook API. I want to create a Web API for my website.


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What you could do is expose a restful service.

To put it simply you'll have urls that return XML or JSON. See the stack exchange API docs and a sample.

You can then create wrappers around this service in as many languages as you like. See the twitter API overview, its a REST service, and languages wrap this up nicely. (Like Linq2Twitter for example)

Now you haven't mentioned the language you are using to write your web app, but if you're with .NET then look into WCF Data Services and OData which can expose, data entities from a database (among other things) over a RESTful service. See http://www.odataprimer.com/ for examples.

Also See REST on Wikipedia & How I explained REST to my wife

For authorization look into OAuth and http://www.dotnetopenauth.net/ if you're with .NET

Note: Facebook initially had REST-API but I think the complexity of their platform got them to change their API.

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