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Trying to run Galleria and Swipe in JQuery.

Example can be found at: http://www.mikelastphoto.com/ipad/

Problem: Everything works, except for the swipe taking over control of the entire page on the iPad. I don't mind if I can't pinch/zoom (although that would be nice) but I am unable to swipe along the Y axis to view the rest of the thumbnails at the bottom of the page. Essentially I would like the swipe to only be possible on the image itself, and swiping up and down to scroll like normal.

I believe the problem is in this statement inside JQuery.Swipe.js.

        // Done Swiping
        // Swipe should only be on X axis, ignore if swipe on Y axis
        // Calculate if the swipe was left or right
        function touchEnd(event) {
            console.log('Ending swipe gesture...')
            var changeY = originalCoord.y - finalCoord.y
            if(changeY < defaults.threshold.y && changeY > (defaults.threshold.y*-1)) {
                changeX = originalCoord.x - finalCoord.x

                if(changeX > defaults.threshold.x) {
                if(changeX < (defaults.threshold.x*-1)) {

Because the Y is just being ignored, but not being left to Safari to interpret.

     swipeRight: function() { $.galleria.prev(); return false; },
     swipeLeft: function() { $.galleria.next(); return false; },

Is this the section I will need to apply the swipe just to the jpeg and not the rest of the page?

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I think the problem is $(document).swipe(event) try applying it just to your div $(#yourdiv).swipe(event)

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