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I'm pretty new to iPhone programming. I seem to have encountered a bug that I can't solve. I have a set of UILabels that I display on a large label. When a certain button is hit, I display these labels on a UITableView. However when I do this, the labels that were originally displayed on the large label disappear. I figured, this is probably because I've changed the frame and hence the labels shift positions. To solve this, I tried saving the labels into another array and using that array instead to display in the table view. Still no luck. Please help! Also, how do I store a label in another temporary UILabel?

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Why do you need to store a UILabel in another UILabel? Are you trying to display custom labels in TableView cell? –  Krishnan Jan 18 '11 at 4:42
Because I want to display the same labels in two different places. –  Label Jan 18 '11 at 5:01

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An UILabel is a view. Don't store your data (NSStrings) in there, but put it in your model (or controller if it's transient data) classes. Then, when you need to display the data, create the views (UILabels in your case) to show it.

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