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I want to create a chat room server based. I want to be doing requests every 1 second to the server to see if new data is available.

However, knowing that there are more than 2 users in the chat room, I want to know what would be a good way to update all the users in the chat room with the new content?

In other words, while one of the users, for example, might be pulling the latest message sent by another user, there could be another user who sent a new message. However, not all users receive the message at the same time, so how to make sure all users are on the same page?

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try this and modify according your requirement.


Enjoy your chat room

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See this demo here of a Chat Room that uses Comet. This is meant to run on Google App Engine using the Java SDK.

Comet Chat Demo

When looking at this, use Firebug to watch the traffic. You'll notice that it keeps the connection open instead of continuously polling.

Basically, Comet uses long-lived HTTP whereby the client keeps the connection open with the server and waits for the server to respond with a message from another user. This is a more forward-thinking approach than the traditional polling model where the client keeps on asking the server over and over again for updates:

Comet can be used in other languages as well. Just Google your programming language of choice and "Comet" and see what comes up.

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I have written a nice little chat room which does just that in only HTML, JS, and PHP.
It's very light and just like you asked, it updates every 1 second.
It's called jsRequestChat, you can download it from my website jsRequestChat

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