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How to remove mynavbar and append to main_table as the first element

<div id="mynavbar" > <div>Some content</div>  </div>

<div id="main_table"> </div>

if(condtion == 0)
    // How to remove mynavbar and insert into main_table div as the first element
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$('#main_table').prepend ( $('#mynavbar').html() );

$('#mynavbar').remove ();

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Here's a non-jQuery answer for some variety.

var main = document.getElementById("main_table");
var secondary = document.getElementById("mynavbar");
    main.insertBefore(secondary, main.firstChild);

EDIT: I'm amazed that there's 5 nearly identical answers. Yikes.

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Yes, but sadly only one of those duplicates are correct... – Box9 Jan 18 '11 at 5:56
Yeah, I don't understand the purpose of removing an element after it's been moved. Counterproductive if anything. – user1385191 Jan 18 '11 at 5:59

for remove you can simply use...


but once it will removed, it will not be there in your should try something like this...

  var mynavbarHTML= $("#mynavbar").html();
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