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I am getting this exception

time data did not match format:  data=19:51:06 Jan 17, 2011 PST  fmt=%H:%M:%S %b %d, %Y %Z

for following code

datetime.strptime(parameters['19:51:06 Jan 17, 2011 PST'], "%H:%M:%S %b %d, %Y %Z")

in python code running on Google app engine.

How to modify the formatter so that it works?

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Look for the python docs for datetime.strptime [1]. They say it uses time.strptime internally, so let's check there [2].

Support for the %Z directive is based on the values contained in tzname and whether daylight is true. Because of this, it is platform-specific except for recognizing UTC and GMT which are always known (and are considered to be non-daylight savings timezones).

You should go and check out the excellent pytz library [3].




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I am curious to know why its not working on appengine, Thx for the documentation links. –  dhaval Jan 19 '11 at 4:35
I didn't make myself clear then: platform-specific behaviour of strptime means that apparently GAE doesn't know about the time zone you're interested in. GAE implements fair parts of Python's stdlib. It's official docs are valid source of reference - GAE or not. –  konryd Jan 20 '11 at 13:27

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