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The WPF RichTextBox can be set to accept tabs in its input. It renders the result as a 4 character indent. I'd like to change that size. How can I change the default?

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There is currently no support for this, but they are considering it for future release. Frustrating answer - I know!

Source: (Answer from LesterLobo - MSFT)

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Reading sams link about TabStops it seems that the answer to your question is a bit easier to solve. Just add this Style somewhere in your resources:

<Style TargetType="Paragraph">
  <!-- 20.0 is default. It's pixels not characters though -->
  <Setter Property="TextIndent" Value="20" /> 

Unfortunately when you get the text out of the document it omits the tabs. I'm thinking of writing my own flowdocument text writer so I can get better output. Another problem is that appending text does not generate a paragraph per line or proper indents for '\t's. So I might have to create the reverse as well. Very frustrating. The FlowDocument seems like it was not really designed to be used.

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