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I am looking for a php webbased free query analyzer to see slow and currently executing SQL statements

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I do not exactly know what you mean by "webbased".

You could use FirePHP to show ongoing queries, but you need to add special statements to your code.

Maybe it would be better to profile the SQL-Queries at database level. Are you using MySQL? Then you could make use of the Slow Query Log or the MySQL Query Profiler (incoorporated in the db since 5.something).

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IMO, once you get to the point where you're ready to start doing more detailed analysis of your MySQL queries, you should think about getting familiar with the mysql command line tool, MySQL configuration, and log files.

These are things you can't get familiar with via a PHP web interface.

If you don't run a local web server already, grab something like XAMPP to get a local web server environment setup where you can play directly with mysql configuration and tools.

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