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I'd like to have buttons that have the text formatting capabilities of a UIWebView. Is this possible to do easily by subclassing UIButton, or am I better off with a different approach? If at all possible, I'd rather be able to benefit from the functionality in UIButton rather than subclass UIControl and reimplement button functionality.

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UIButton is a so called class cluster. This means that once you've instantiated a button, you're not getting an instance of UIButton but of some private internal class (see also this SO question). So the best way really is to subclass from UIControl, I'm afraid. Search StackOverflow for UIButton subclassing, there are already a lot of questions related to it that might explain this in more detail.

Edit: You can subclass UIButton but it seems to be problematic.

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Thanks for that info. I wonder if one solution might be to create a uiview subclass that layers a non-interactive uiwebview over top of a button whose text is empty. – Joey Feb 2 '11 at 17:33

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